Favour Ori Keeps African Technology Jobs, Workers Focus With Talent Match

Favour Ori

September 2, 2021

Favour Ori Keeps African Technology Jobs, Workers Focus With Talent Match

Nigeria Native Favour Ori Focuses on African Tech Talent With New Efforts to Streamline Job Searches and Contracting as Remote Work Booms.

As web-based jobs continue to grow through the COVID-19 pandemic and tech careers, such as engineering and UX design, face record demand, entrepreneur Favour Ori is working to ensure African professionals meet the need.

With his Talent Match enterprise, software engineer Favour Ori, is taking steps to streamline the invoicing and payment collection process for African engineers. It is the latest step in a career focused on helping tech talent in Africa emerge as a sustainable employee pipeline in a global economy.

Favour Ori’s background paves way for leadership

Born and raised in Nigeria, Ori was an extremely motivated student ready to take his tech and communication skills to the next level. By 2016, he relocated to the United States and studied computer and information science at South Arkansas University.

His academic career soon led to work opportunities with a variety of companies and with other universities, such as Saint Louis and Oklahoma State University. As his profile grew in the U.S., opportunities to speak on tech topics and more began to appear. Favour Ori has appeared on the stage at the NCHC Conference in Atlanta, the United Nations Youth Assembly in New York, the YCBS Conference in Atlanta, 1Million Cups in Tulsa, Okla. and more.

Through these opportunities, a need to develop and grow African tech talent became apparent, and Favour Ori quickly launched his first non-profit in 2018. FavCode 54 was designed by Ori to serve as a career launchpad for Africans with the skills and desire for a technology-based career. Ori’s non-profit quickly caught the eye of backers and received access to crucial IBM-provided resources with a dollar value exceeding $90 million to power the organization.

Next steps for Favour Ori

With a global pandemic sending more workers home and literally expanding the horizons for remote work, Ori saw an opportunity to increase access to high-quality jobs for software developers on a global scale.

The first step was to create a centralized platform for talent to connect with foreign jobs and enterprises in a quality space. Additional companies and organizations quickly partnered with Favour Ori to expand on the vision, and on the launch day for Japa Internship, approximately 3,000 Africans enrolled on the platform, selected a tech track and matched with mentors to learn and design products.

As one idea launched, a second need was soon identified, and a new enterprise is in the making. TalentMatch is Favour Ori’s latest brainchild, and it will provide a streamlined, secure method for African tech workers in both engineering and creative spaces to receive payments for their work from global clients using a mobile phone or computer. PayDay is in development and private testing with over $100,000 in seed money raised.